How far would you go to find answers for your sick child?

An honest and intimate personal journey is at the center of this story; SEIZING KELSEY follows the Kling family as they struggle to find answers and ultimately a cure for their ailing daughter, Kelsey.

This multi-platform documentary project follows Priscilla and Ammon as they pursue the seemingly elusive insanity of Kelsey’s undiagnosed brain disorder. Highlighting the ups and the downs of raising a special needs child, navigating the medical system all while trying to keep their family intact.

Fractured by the unknown but motivated by hope, Kelsey’s parents Priscilla and Ammon are relentless and determined in facing every obstacle with great heart. SEIZING KELSEY captures what it means to truly be a family and shows how a community pulling together can help keep hope alive.

SEIZING KELSEY is a documentary “in-progress” that delves deep inside the Kling family’s struggle with Kelsey’s undiagnosed brain disorder, but we don’t want to wait while the deeper story unfolds and the story ends. So we are introducing you to the world of Kelsey and the Kling family with web-videos. Our mission is to get the word out and build a community with the hope of bringing people together who can help one another.

Documentary Team


Executive Producer and Owners of Vanacore Music and David Vanacore Productions

SEIZING KELSEY is a story deeply embedded in the hearts of Lisa and David. Priscilla is Lisa’s cousin (more like a sister), and when Kelsey first got sick, they felt called to do everything they can to help find answers. With the Klings’ blessings, Lisa gathered a team and set out to document the process of what a family goes through when dealing with a sick child and no diagnosis. Lisa and David are incredibly thankful for all of those who have expressed their love and support for the Kling family and this project. SEIZING KELSEY has been an enormous team effort.


Executive Producer, Director, Writer

Tracey Finley is an Emmy Award-winning and four-time Emmy-nominated Television Producer, Director, Writer, and Creator. She has a wide range of experience in production and development working for networks such as The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Scripps Networks and Discovery Networks.

In her career, she has worked on content delving into mental illness, health, wellness, women’s topics, homelessness, and social issues. Her passion lies in telling stories that relate to the human experience. In addition, Tracey is working on a series delving into mental illness which takes an in-depth look at the current state of mental health in America.  COMMITTED (working title), examines how stigma influences diagnosis, treatment, and recovery along with the challenges faced by patients and families living with mental illness as they try and get help from a purposeful but flawed system.


Associate Producer

Dawn has a degree in biological and physical science and her analytical side, proves extremely valuable in keeping the SEIZING KELSEY team on track. Her experience working in the healthcare industry provides a vital sounding board for the family when it comes to the enormous medical information being ingested. As Priscilla’s cousin but really a “Sister” Dawns main expertise lies in the encouragement and support she provides everyone on a daily basis. At David Vanacore Productions and Vanacore Music, she is irreplaceable as she watches over many details for the Vanacore team.


Story Producer

Jessica Vanacore works as a Producer in reality television for such networks as FOX, CBS, and ABC. As a story-oriented Producer, Jessica’s expertise lies in her ability to tap into the heart of the matter. Jessica is Priscilla’s cousin and works closely with the Kling family following their “everyday life” and interviewing them. She is dedicated to getting answers for her little cousin Kelsey and the entire Kling family. Seizing Kelsey is truly a family affair.


Director of Photography

SteevJ Brown is an artist, who shares his vision with the world as a cinematographer and editor working in documentary and narrative formats.  SteevJ’s mission to promote positivity is often reflected in the projects he aligns himself with.

SteevJ’s had his hands in many elements of film, from co-founding the L-Dub film festival to editing several feature documentaries to most recently leading the camera team as Director of Photography on the feature narrative “Addicted to You.”